Environmental and social activities

Environmental conservation

Environmental Conservation Principle

As a member of the Furukawa Company Group, we act in accordance with the Environmental Conservation Principle, Environmental Conservation Action Guidelines, Biodiversity Action Guidelines, and Environmental and Safety Audit Philosophy and Guidelines based on the Environmental Management Principle specified by the Group.
At our Oyama and Tochigi Works, we also act in accordance with the following Environmental Policy.

Environmental policy

Basic principle

This plant aims to preserve the environment of our local community and the global environment, and all members of our organization shall consider the impact on the environment in all aspects, develop and continue such corporate activities, and aim for a further symbiosis between our business and the environment.

Action guidelines
  1. All organizations shall effectively operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with this policy, engage in environmental conservation activities, and make continuous efforts to improve themselves, their EMS, and their environmental conservation activities.
  2. Comply with environmental laws and other requirements.
  3. Implement environmental conservation activities, including the prevention of environmental pollution, at each stage of business activities and services, such as development, design, production, and construction.
  4. Promote the effective use and recycling of global resources, and reduce the impact on the environment by business activities and services. Establish environmental objectives and targets, review them while implementing them, and promote continual improvements of environmental conservation activities.
  5. This policy shall be thoroughly communicated to all organizations and announced to our local communities.

CSR Report

The Furukawa Company Group publishes an Environmental and Social Report every year.