Our Company

Message from the President

President and Representative Director Katsuhira Kawashita

With the 140th anniversary of the Furukawa Company Group, and with “Furukawa Power & Passion 150” as our vision toward 2025, we are utilizing our unique experience and technology as a historical company to achieve growth as a category-leading company with power and speed and with enthusiasm and passion.
With these objectives in mind, as the company responsible for industrial machinery in the Furukawa Company Group, we aim to be a category-leader with our capabilities in specialized fields and to fulfill our role as the single company that is indispensable to our customers.

We will not only offer products to our customers, but also businesses that can provide added value with our products at the core and can achieve sustainable contributions to society.
This is why engineering skills are so necessary. Herein lies our capability to create optimal proposals for our customers while considering a total balance of such factors as function, cost, usage environment, and safety, and it is the strengths of our experience, technology and expertise that enable us to do this. And this is the source of the solutions we provide to solve customer problems and create optimal proposals.
In order to provide products and services of even greater value in these rapidly diversifying times, we will upgrade the power of our brand through marketing management.

As a leading company in niche categories such as sewage pumps and grinders, we utilize our own technologies to fulfill important missions, such as the reconstruction project after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the development of social infrastructure projects such as the Tokyo Outer Ring Road.
In the future, we plan to actively address important social issues such as disaster prevention and environmental issues, and we would like to create narratives that lead to an abundant future.

We consider customers who always place their trust in us as a reliable company to be our fans.
We want to continue to increase such fans, and our goal is to share the passion created by our bonds with them.
As the expectations of our fans increase, their expectations will not tolerate failure, and so our responsibilities will increase. We are resolved to continue speeding up our efforts at tackling our challenges and will continue to develop further as a powerful company that can satisfy more fans.