Lines of business

Manufacturer / Engineering

Design and technical service specialists that provide in-depth and thorough responses to customer needs and issues.
Being fully aware of our company’s strengths, we have developed applied skills, and we are also concentrating on developing high-potential products from our customers’ perspective.

Integrated Solution

The foundation of our Furukawa Industrial Machinery Systems brand is the outstanding technical capabilities that have been honed through our forerunners’ efforts and challenging spirit. Our employees steadily inherit that DNA and continue to upgrade their skills to propose optimal solutions as partners that gain our customers’ trust.
We provide follow-up continuously from design to after-sales support, so our customers can leave everything to us with peace of mind.

Qualified Person

Our strength lies in carefully progressing from the first contact with our customers to direct solutions.
To this end, we are thoroughly cultivating qualified personnel.
We especially have them focus on acquiring various qualifications that will be a public evidence of our technical capabilities, and we enrich their education with both in-company and outside training.
Our experts are proud to be active in a variety of fields including large-scale projects.