Lines of business

Fluid Machinery

Our products include various pumps featuring outstanding capabilities from manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries to wastewater, sewage, and sludge treatment.
Our category-leading products are indispensable for the efficient transfer of fluids, transport of sludge at great depths and over long distances, etc.


Where centrifugal pumps are used for general water applications, our slurry pumps are very effective for transporting slurry (a semi-liquid that contains solid matter) that can cause early wear and blockage.

Plant Engineering

Water supports various industries and the lives of the people.
Our products are indispensable for safe, secure and efficient applications.
The development of our technologies and products is diverse in scope, encompassing water purification plants, agricultural settlement wastewater treatment facilities, screen washing machinery, sediment washing machinery, etc.
In addition, we have a wealth of experience in pumping facilities such as long-distance transport facilities and sludge treatment at municipal sewage treatment plants.