Lines of business


Many Furukawa Industrial Machinery Systems products are at work supporting society, and as they are related to people’s lives such as the infrastructure, these products require the very highest level of performance and quality.
At our production sites, as well, each and every employee is fully devoted to performing their work every day with a sense of pride.
Here is where our perfect production systems enable us to reliably provide our direct solutions.
By bringing together our honed technologies and quality, trust in the Furukawa brand that has lasted more than 100 years is increasing even further today.

Oyama Works

Production plant manufacturing a wide variety of industrial machinery products from pumps to steel bridges.

The Oyama Works started operation in 1944 as a plant of the Ashio Copper Mine Machinery Division, manufacturing mainly pumps and mining equipment used in copper mines. After the closure of the copper mine, the company developed by expanding into various fields, and currently as a production base, the Oyama Works has manufactured a number of industrial machinery products such as construction machinery and provided them to society.
At present, we are developing and producing pump products, environmental products, steel structures, and vehicle carriers.

Start of Operation 1944
Location 23-15, Wakagicho 1-chome, Oyama city, Tochigi prefecture
(Nearest station: Oyama Station on the JR Utsunomiya Line)
Site Area 142,500㎡
Building Area 38,600㎡
Manufactured Products
  • Pumps (Slurry Pumps, Sewage Pumps, etc.)
  • Environmental Preservation Equipment (Electrostatic Precipitators and others)
  • Bridge products (steel bridges, Symthtic floor slab, steel structures, etc.)
  • Carrier Products (transport vehicles)
Acquisition of ISO certifications
  • ISO 9001 acquired in June 1999
  • ISO 14001 acquired in October 2002

Tochigi Works

Comprehensive plant manufacturing crushers, grinders, briquetting machines, and classification machines.

The Tochigi Works began as a plant of Otsuka Iron Works Co., Ltd., which had a history of over 100 years and a wealth of experience and achievements, and was moved from the Mita district in Minato-ku, Tokyo to the current location in 1970. The plant became the Tochigi Works of Furukawa Industrial Machinery Systems Co., Ltd. after Otsuka Iron Works merged with the company in 2008.
As a development and production base for crushing, grinding, briquetting, classification, and other machinery, the Tochigi Works continues to develop new products and respond to diversifying customer needs.

Start of Operation 1970
Location 2245 Omiya-machi, Tochigi city, Tochigi prefecture
(Nearest station: Yashu-hirakawa Station on the Tobu Railway Utsunomiya Line)
Site Area 48,842㎡
Building Area 14,380㎡
Manufactured Products
  • Crushers, Grinders, Briquetting Machinery, and Classification Machines.
  • Materials Handling Equipment
  • Environmental Preservation and Resource Recycling Equipment (waste material and slag crushers, and others)
Acquisition of ISO certifications
  • ISO 9001 acquired in October 2008
  • ISO 14001 acquired in June 2009