Lines of business

Material Machinery

Utilizing the expertise we have gained with our experience and achievements during more than a century, we are actively involved in technical collaboration and research and development with overseas parties, and we respond reliably to the diversifying needs associated with various materials.
In addition, we strive to improve the added value for our customers by proposing partial construction of plant sections by developing processing flow facilities that include crushers, grinders, briquetting machines, and classification machines.


We have a variety of crushers that can handle various materials from raw ore to product particle size.
In addition to their outstanding crushing capabilities, with their high-density crushing compartments and ease of maintenance, our crusher products also contribute to improvement of the work environment and efficiency.


A high-quality, flexible lineup of grinders with fine grinding capabilities.
We propose dry grinding systems that anticipate customer needs such as settings that can cope freely from small to large volumes, low noise, low vibration, low dust generation, power savings, etc.

Briquetting Machines

Our briquetting and compacting products are dry-type high-density, high-strength molding machines that promote recycling and contribute to the improvement of processing efficiency by compressing dry powder into various briquettes and flakes.

Classification Machines

Our classification machines accurately perform a variety of sorting processes according to various particle size conditions.
Used in combination with crushers and grinders, these products enable efficient and cost-effective process flows.

Environmental Preservation and Resource Recycling Equipment

Starting with Drum Scrubbers that process the residue generated during waste incineration, we have an extensive lineup of products that contribute to environmental preservation and resource recycling including FSR Type Crushers for crushing waste materials and slag for recycling, shredders for scrap car and industrial waste treatment, and Drum Washers capable of washing in sizes from large chunks to fine-grained products.

For Laboratory

We respond to customer requirements for crushing, grinding, classification, and briquetting in various industrial fields, including steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, building materials, chemistry, energy, food, and chemicals, and we provide optimal proposals using a variety of testing equipment.