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At first, our company moved into and started to operate industrial machinery businesses centered around our technology and skill, which we have accumulated over many years through the activities of our machinery business. In these activities, technical sources are used which are acquired from the manufacture and repair of copper mine machinery. Nowadays, our company manufactures and sells things like multilevel car parking towers, as well as environment-related products that contribute to environmental preservation and lowering the environmental burden. Moreover, we design and install steel bridges, crushed rock production plants cargo handling plants, etc., thereby achieving a great deal of results in areas all over the country.

Also, our company has developed high-value-added products and technologies which are useful when it comes to raising working efficiency, increasing labor saving, increasing energy saving, and the like. We also prepare and submit business proposals that meet a variety of customers’ requests by drawing fully upon the strength of our products and technologies.

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    NE Mill
    The NE Mill is a vertica...